Welcome to Elysium! Home to nail-biting duels and hilarious spectacles, a location built specifically to inspire awe with its sheer extravagance.

“Arena enclose. Legends are written in blood. Blades are drawn again." - Arturon Satsujin

    The Venue

    Located in the Mist, Ward 17, Plot 32 (Lich Server), we house a custom Diamond Dust Amphitheatre situated on the top floor of a glorious mansion, attached to a bar where drinks flow free for all guests and two new training arenas in the garden with various background settings.On a selected day of the month at 5 PM ST (Server Time), the Fight Hall opens its doors to all spectators and combatants. Everyone is welcome, whether you are roleplaying or not, so bring a friend! All we ask is for you to please be patient, this system can be complex for fighters and will take some time, but is most importantly made to be fun for all involved. Please enjoy yourselves! For those looking to duel or learn the combat system for themselves, read on for more information.

    Sign Ups

    In order to ensure a fully inclusive evening of fun that allows fighters a chance to enjoy the fights to their entirety, we have included some restrictions.

    • There will only be 12 pre-registered fighters a night, with a maximum of 3 pre-arranged matchups. Overflow gets pushed into the next session.

    • If 12 pre-booked fighters have not been registered, walk-ins are welcome.

    • One fight per registered person. This gives everyone an opportunity in the spotlight.

    • For individuals, their opponent will be randomly drawn from a lottery of entrees, but we do focus on trying to give new people for you to fight.

    • Booking period is the entire week beforehand, please contact Hotholion Drakonic/Silvy Rosethorne/Pixhie Neva for registry either through Discord or in-game.

    • Hotholion will show up at the SHEEP bar on Sunday night to take IC registrations. Bribery is acceptable, though it will not make a difference.


    Our fights are based on a classical “Roll the Dice” system, where each fighter comes into a match not knowing whether they will be victorious or crushingly defeated. Anything is possible, so expect the unexpected! Whether a fight will be in your favour or not is entirely up to chance, but our priority here is to ensure every fighter has a chance to showcase their own style of combat and character roleplay in our arena. No matter how you roleplay, so long as you are having fun, that is all that matters!Fights will start at 6:10 to give viewers time to get drinks/seats and the fighters time to get ready.

    • Due to each fight taking approximately 30-45 minutes, only 6 booked fights will be held a night.

    • After 6 fights have been finished, assuming there is time left before closing at 10pm ST, the hosts can call upon any stragglers or latecomers that might want a smaller duel.

    Two “training pits” are available for newcomers to get acquainted with the system, outdoors, similar ruleset.

    • Trainees form their own parties and a set of rules as a guideline. If they have any questions, feel free to /whisper the hosts.

    • There is no time limit, so feel free to take your time in these training pits to get used to the combat system, then apply for a fully commentated fight for any future opening!

    Fight Rules

    Time Limits:

    • We all know that sometimes the /dice disagree with our own rules, leading to a lengthy bout that may go on for hours. So in order to keep momentum flowing during the events, we are limiting fight durations to 45 minutes.

    • If it goes over, the person with the highest score wins, players should therefore write out the resulting emotes so that it qualifies as 3 hits.

    • Should the score remain level at the end of the fight’s allowed duration, players will continue to roll the /dice in turn until a winner is decided.

    The Combat:

    • The winner of a duel is determined by who is the first to land 3 hits on their opponent. There will always be a guaranteed 3 hits-to-win format, regardless of whether the /dice disagree or not.

    • The hits are determined using rolls (done by typing /dice) in party chat to keep them hidden from the audience - a member of staff will add participants to the party before the fight.

    • The duelists will first roll initiative. The fighter with the higher initiative will then go on to roll attack while their opponent rolls defence

    • They will emote accordingly using /shout, the host will provide commentary using /yell, and the cycle will begin again, this time with the fighter who rolled the lower initiative rolling attack. So on and so forth.

    • When the 3rd hit is landed, the victor will be declared.

    • A roll resulting in <0> is counted as 1000

    • No special exceptions for any part of the rules. We try to make sure everything is fair for people, but as soon as one person requests an exception or set fight, it turns into a cascade of requests that just go against the very core of why Elysium was set up. For that, we do apologise and hope you understand.

    These rules are as fair as they possibly can be while still maintaining a sense of suspense and flow throughout the fights. Everyone is allowed leeway in their writing, since not everyone is a master orator like Lord Hoth, but preparation is always key!The Staff will keep the score and watch the clock for you, so just go all out on the fights!

    Stage Rules

    “Stop getting your footprints on my ceiling!” - Hotholion Drakonic

    If you want to break or damage the shielding or the stage, make sure you contact me so that it can be talked out and set up for one of the upcoming duels.The reason we ask for this is so that we can put such a fight last so that it doesn’t ruin anyone else's evening. Damaging/breaking the stage or shielding would ultimately finish duel night for the entirety of the evening as from an IC stand point the mechanics who work on the shield would need to be called in to work on it.This is because the shielding wards the stage, nullifying magic and the like from leaving the area into the stands, while also protecting those on the stage from fatal injuries.Personal plots and developments are important, but as the hosts we can’t accept them if it means other characters/people will suffer for it. Therefore, if you fail to hammer out details with us then it won’t be allowed. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Regardless of whether you have won or not, whether your character has gotten seriously injured or not, please get a checkup with our on-site healer, Rune. He will be standing by the stairs to the Room of Recuperation and will consider whether you need a trip to the healing slime pool or a (in an emergency) life saving action before you are able to continue fighting. In terms of plot, this is to prevent the owners of the venue being sued. It’s a cutthroat world out there!

    Hoth's Suggestions