Welcome to Elysium! Home to nail-biting duels and hilarious spectacles, a location built specifically to inspire awe with its sheer extravagance.

“Arena enclose, Legends are written in blood, blades are drawn again." - Arturon Satsujin

    The Venue

    Located in the Mist, Ward 17, Plot 32 (Lich Server), we house a custom amphitheatre through a basement garden, a bar where drinks flow free for all guests, luxurious accommodation for champions and two new training arenas in the garden with various background settings.

    On every second Thursday at 6 PM ST (Server Time), the Fight Hall opens its doors to all spectators and combatants. Everyone is welcome, whether you are roleplaying or not, so bring a friend! All we ask is for you to please be patient, this system can be complex for fighters and will take some time, but is most importantly made to be fun for all involved. Please enjoy yourselves! For those looking to duel or learn the combat system for themselves, read on for more information.

    Sign Ups

    In order to ensure a fully inclusive evening of fun that allows fighters a chance to enjoy the fights to their entirety, we have included some restrictions.

    • There will only be 12 pre-registered fighters a night. Overflow gets pushed to the next week. Anyone looking to practice can head outside.

    • If 12 pre-booked fighters have not been registered, walk-ins are welcome.

    • One fight per registered person. This gives everyone an opportunity in the spotlight.

    • Fighters can request a second fight if 6 pre-booked fights have not been met, but walk-ins may take priority over those secondary requests.

    • There will be a cap of 3 pre-determined fights (Fights that have been set up previously, either by roleplay or request).

    • The rest will be randomised to keep things interesting.

    • Any other predetermined fights would have to be put off to the next week.

    • Booking period is the entire week before hand, please contact Hotholion Drakonic/Silvy Rosethorne/Pixhie Neva for registry either through Discord or in-game.

    • Hotholion will show up at the SHEEP bar on Sunday night to take IC registrations. Bribery is acceptable, though it will not make a difference.


    Fights will start at 6:20 to give viewers time to get drinks/seats and the fighters time to get ready.

    • Due to each fight taking approximately 30-45 minutes, only 6 booked fights will be held a night.

    • After 6 fights have been finished, assuming there is time left before closing at 10pm ST, the hosts can call upon any stragglers or latecomers that might want a smaller duel.

    Two “training pits” are available for newcomers to get acquainted with the system, outdoors, similar ruleset.

    • Trainees form their own parties and a set of rules as a guideline. If they have any questions, feel free to /whisper the hosts.

    • There is no time limit, so feel free to take your time in these training pits to get used to the combat system, then apply for a fully commentated fight for any future opening!

    Fight Rules

    • The winner of a duel is determined by who is the first to land 3 hits on their opponent. There will always be a guaranteed 3 hits-to-win format, regardless of whether the /dice disagree or not.

    • The hits are determined using rolls (done by typing /dice) in party chat to keep them hidden from the audience - a member of staff will add participants to the party before the fight.

    • The duelists will first roll initiative. The fighter with the higher initiative will then go on to roll attack while their opponent rolls defence

    • They will emote accordingly using /shout, the host will provide commentary using /yell, and the cycle will begin again, this time with the fighter who rolled the lower initiative rolling attack. So on and so forth.

    • When the 3rd hit is landed, the victor will be declared.

    • A roll resulting in <0> is counted as 1000

    • No special exceptions for any part of the rules. We try to make sure everything is fair for people, but as soon as one person requests an exception or set fight, it turns into a cascade of requests that just go against the very core of why Elysium was set up. For that, we do apologise and hope you understand.

    Fight Duration

    • We all know that sometimes the /dice disagree with our own rules, leading to a lengthy bout that may go on for hours. So in order to keep momentum flowing during the events, we are limiting fight durations to 45 minutes.

    • If it goes over, the person with the highest score wins, players should therefore write out the resulting emotes so that it qualifies as 3 hits.

    • Should the score remain level at the end of the fight’s allowed duration, players will continue to roll the /dice in turn until a winner is decided.

    This allows everyone some leeway in their writing, as not everyone is a master orator such as Hotholion. But preparation always helps, for the notorious Doctor Jun’a will remind folk when 10 minutes remain. So bring your best work! We look forward to reading it in action!

    Venue Rules

    Hotholion Drakonic: “Stop getting your footprints on my ceiling!”

    If you want to break or damage the shielding or the stage, make sure you contact me so that it can be talked out and set up for one of the upcoming duels.

    The reason we ask for this is so that we can put such a fight last so that it doesn’t ruin anyone else's evening. Damaging/breaking the stage or shielding would ultimately finish duel night for the entirety of the evening as from an IC stand point the mechanics who work on the shield would need to be called in to work on it.

    The shielding wards the stage, nullifying magic and the like from leaving the area into the stands, while also protectig those on the stage from fatal injuries.

    Yes you can use this to progress your own personal plot or whatever but that doesn’t mean everyone else should suffer for it. If you fail to hammer out details with us then it won’t be allowed. Others wouldn’t do it to you so please don’t do it to them thanks and remember to have fun while dueling

    Regardless of whether you have won or not, whether your character has gotten seriously injured or not, please get a checkup with our on-site doctor, Jun’a. He will be standing by the Hades trophy and will consider whether you need a trip to the healing slime pool or a (in an emergency) life saving action before you are able to continue fighting. In terms of plot, this is to prevent the owners of the venue being sued. It’s a cutthroat world out there!

    Hoth's Suggestions

    1. If you’ve come this far in reading the rules and still aren’t 100% sure as to how the fights work, feel free to ask me on discord or approach me in-game for general ideas, or even 1-to-1 training. I’ll do my best to help clear things up.

    2. Preparation helps a lot. Writing out templates beforehand can help you quickly adapt to situations that may come up mid-fight and quicken the flow of combat.

    • You know how your character is going to attack? Got any witty banter lined up? Setting up a flashy move will take no time at all, regardless of who your opponent is!

    • Defensive templates are a bit trickier. Not everyone knows who their opponent may be, so focus your template on how mobile or tanky your character/weapon allows you to be, followed by a counter. Once the fights commence, all you need is a few quick edits and to add how you have reacted to your attacker’s miss.

    • On the other hand, creating a template where you do get hit is much more annoying than the others. At this point, it should be less of a template and more of a general idea. Do you want to be grievously wounded or perhaps manage to escape an oncoming train with just a small clip on your toe? Try to keep in mind your character’s abilities, physical prowess and mindset.

    3. Music can help the ambience of your fight quite a bit! If you have a specific track you want to play in-game, just request it from the hosts. I’m still working on collecting them, so feel free to donate any orchestrion rolls I may not have already! (If you’ve got a personal youtube soundtrack, I’m afraid I can’t help you there, probably just keep that to Discord VC or between you and your sparring partner)

    4. If you’re nervous before a fight, that’s perfectly natural. It's essentially a live roleplaying performance that is completely different to how things are done normally, where you must improvise and adapt when things may not go your way. That sounds pretty daunting, and me reminding you of that will not help.

    One thing you should remember is that once you’re fighting, you and your opponents are in the pilots’ seat. You can be as ridiculous in your duels as you want. Make a mockery of yourself, the hosts or the audience as much as you want, all within reason of course. You could even be as “serious” as you want. It’s your show to run, everyone else is just along for the ride. They will enjoy it as much as you will!

    So take a deep breath, laugh at whatever stupid, lame nickname I will give you and your opponent, then laugh at the host’s choice of outfit and his sponsorship endorsements. Even if you mess up, it will all be part of the performance. Have a blast and make sure to curse RNGesus when he does not grant his benevolence on your die rolls!

    Room of Respite

    "It is rumoured that His Holiness detests the loathsome dishwater that is served at other bars, and as such created his own drinks... but he needs guinea pigs, so select at your own risk! Head on over to the Room of Respite, a resplendent bar room where refreshments range from fancy cocktails to failed experiments. Drinks are free for all spectators and fighters!"

    Golden Sheen (TM) - A collection of every golden citrus available and unavailable on the market that is smashed together at speeds unfathomable to the feeble minded in a machine drawn from the incredible mind of the Head Alchemist of Hoth Quality Inc. You think of it, its probably in there! (Bananas are not citrus) The pure, thick juice is mixed with a few light spirits. This results in a solution giving off a glow that will have you fooled into believing you have finally graduated from being lower class, at least until it cascades down your pipes. Fruity and punchy, you will be begging for more.

    Red's Kiss (Could not trademark) - Homebrewed, heated plum sake laced with 30 different medicinal herbs and spices, this will leave you with a lingering heat on your lips and a sudden burst of flames in your nethers, just like the real thing! Is it love at first kiss, or is it death through spicy romance? If you feel like really making this a challenge to survive, ask your bartender for "Fiery Beast". They'll add more dried spice around the drink and set it on fire! Good luck surviving Red's Kiss!

    Hoth Hops (TM) - Our own Head Botanist grew these himself, so its a Hoth Quality guarantee! Unlimited, fresh ale straight from the Underbelly of Elysium itself, the perfect drink to keep coming back to while you watch people fight for your amusement! Light and full of heart, just like the owner!

    Doctor's Order (TM) - When you want something strong to help shrug off the pain or the dullness of a blade, you want the Doctor's Order. Only the best ingredients go into creating this, with our barley grains dried and smoked to perfection above Jun'a's healing staff collection, stored in tough oak barrels and magically aged more than long enough just in time for your arrival. Drink this in style.

    Mina's Nightcap (Trademark pending) - When the owner of the Stray Sheep, unwitting sponsor of Elysium, wants to dream of her dashing Red Au'ra idol, she knocks herself right out with this spectacular whiskey, warm milk, cinnamon, honey and nutmeg night-time delight. Served in a familiar-shaped horn carved from the bones of a dragon, you'll slip into a comfortable coma the moment you rest up. No need to count sheep with this wonder!

    Fat Cat Spot (TM) - Thick butter, strong rum pirates would murder for and the perfect hot, sweetener mixture of cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar, vanilla pods and allspice, all mixed in a mug for giants. Add on top a dollop of freshly whipped cream for a sweet, gentle, cuddly beast of a drink that will probably kill you, but it would be so worth it to get even a touch of it. Perfect for those cold days out or when you're bleeding out on the marble atrium of Elysium.

    The Sparkling Spectator (TM) - You're brave to show up here at all, so why not reward yourself with a beautiful red, sparkling wine. Picked from Elysium's private vineyard by trusty Lalafell workers that are definitely well paid. Demolished to a pulp by the pitter patter of tiny, overworked feet. Forged through blood and tears, just like your own arrival at Elysium, this blood red wine will leave you satisfied beyond measure. Only the champions prevail, and this is a drink that only champions can drink.